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R. Mario Campos, 700, Bandeirinhas Betim, MG

Açai Delivery BH | Distributor of Açai in BH | The company Purus was founded in 2005. In a store in Belvedere neighborhood, Belo Horizonte, MG, commercialized bowls of açai
among other things. Seeing a growing need of its customers to receive the products at home and
with the intention of professionalizing the Açai trade in Belo Horizonte, the company decided to build a
Açai processing plant in a new 5,000 m2 structure located in Betim - MG.

We use açai pulp only from factories that have Quality Programs and strict
Control of Hygiene of the fruit in the regions of Belem-PA and Manacapuru- MA;

Pioneer in the commercialization of Acai Cream and its derivatives through electronic commerce, always focusing on the quality of its products and the differentiated service to its clients;
By acquiring our products, in addition to the convenience of receiving at home, you will also be contributing to the preservation of the Amazon region, as the Açai Palm is an initial part of the forest formation of the forest and diminishes the extraction of the Açai Palm Heart, generating an improvement in quality of life of the riverside population of the region.

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