Prem Baba

Sau Paulo
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Sri Prem Baba is Brazilian, born in São Paulo. From an early age, he dedicated himself to Yoga and meditation techniques and awareness expansion. He studied psychology and founded the psycho-spiritual method of self-knowledge called Caminho do Coração. He became a disciple of the Indian Master Sri Sachcha Baba Maharaji Ji, of the Sachcha lineage. As a humanitarian leader and spiritual master, he founded the global Awaken Love movement, which aims to restore and elevate human values to awaken loving consciousness. Sri Prem Baba divides his time mainly between Brazil and India, where he teaches courses, offers lectures and retreats.

He is the author of "Transforming Suffering into Joy", "Loving and Being Free: The Basis for a New Society" and "Purpose. The Courage of Being Who We Are"

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