Instituto do Halito

Av. Doutor Olívio Lira, 353, sala 1512,

If you need to do bad breath treatment, halitosis treatment, we at the Institute of Breath, IH are here to offer you the best in treatment of bad breath and halitosis, check it out. Institute of Breathing - Diagnosis of Halitosis - Home | Bad breath treatment | treatment of halitosis is in IH | Clinic for treatment of bad breath halitosis in Belo Horizonte MG, Clinic Halitosis Belo Horizonte, Mau Halito Belo Horizonte | Clinic halitose Fortaleza | Bad fort halite. The mission of the Institute of Breath is to improve the quality of life of its patients, participate in the advancement of science and promote halitosis as a socially recognized and understood pathology.

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