Clinica de Otorrinolaringologia Brasilia DF

Clinical Center Oswaldo Cruz, Terreo - SHLS 716

The Otorhinolaryngology Clinic Brasília DF offers the most advanced technology regarding the necessary examinations for diagnosis and treatment in Otorhinolaryngology. Equipped with equipment of the most recognized brands, installed in a comfortable environment and in the Local Hospital Sector Sul offers its medical partners and patients are the most modern and sophisticated when it comes to diagnosis in the area of the ears, nose and throat. The Clínica de Otorrino maintains the policy of offering its services with great speed, always keeping the focus on the commitment to quality when the subject is the provision of diagnostic services in otorhinolaryngology.


For over 11 years, it is located in the largest hospital sector in Brasília DF and has the capacity to perform consultations and diagnoses of the most varied types and procedures. Call Otorhinolaryngology (061) 3346-7689


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A Clinica de Otorrinolaringologia Brasilia DF presta os seguintes serviços: Otorrino Brasilia.

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